2023 - PRESENT

a toolkit for tinkering with digital musical instruments

Think of it as a "Lego" set for your musical ideas. Each module is designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, where core functionalities and patching are housed within a compact and user-friendly interface. You can mix, match, customize, and extend your own musical tools in a modular and multichannel workflow. To get started, search for "modulo" in the Max Package Manager or find it under the Featured Package section. Happy patching!



An interactive music system for real-time composition

My master's research looked at ways to integrate the role of the performer in the context of live electronic music in active and engaging ways. The result of my artistic research led to the creation of an interactive music system capable of capturing meaningful musical information from the performer’s bodily gestures and physiological data to control digital sound processes running on the computer. By coupling a custom-made wearable interface with a set of supervised machine learning algorithms, the system allows the performer to record example interactions, associating states, postures and gestures with sounds to build an exploratory and performative gesture-timbre space. 



A wearable instrument based on touch and motion

A custom-made wearable digital musical instrument for experimental electronic music improvisation in performance stages. The instrument is made of two soft balls containing each five conductive buttons and a motion sensor that retrieve the orientation of my arms in space. This data is used to train a neural network algorithm capable of shaping sound and space in real time.