Audio Art Festival 2022 - Cricoteka, Kraków (Poland)

A new pole-dancing instrument and performance together, exploring technical innovation and sensory experience through means of sound and movement.

zaal3 - het nationale theater, den haag (netherlands)

The death of a beautiful woman is the most poetical topic in the world.

– Edgar Allen Poe

In A Pole Tragedy I search for female autonomy and sexual self-determination in a male-dominated society. Fascinated by Euripides' famous tragedy Iphigenia in Aulis, about the sacrifice of a young girl’s body in a men’s war, I explore the thin line between violence and the erotic. In a sweaty duet between my body and a sky high pole I dive into my darkest desires, with Iphigenia as my heroic alter ego. 


into the great wide open - vlieland (netherlands)

A swarm of artificial creatures that make music in response to the sun, clouds and shadows of trees moving in the wind. Komorebi is a Japanese word meaning "sunlight shining through trees". The creatures together form an immersive sensory experience. The work suggests to us that "life" is not an exceptional property of organic life forms, but also a property of complex systems beyond biological lives as we understand it.

2020 - 2022

goldsmith university of london, london (england)

A Max object that provides a set of supervised machine learning algorithms for gesture-sound interaction design. It allows to train models such as multilayer perceptrons, k-nearest neighbour and dynamic time warping to perform regression or classification tasks. By combining multiple dimensions of input and target output, the object predicts output values based on new input data.